Lord Fx Limited is a London-based organization with a broad vision of commonwealth epaulette. Lord Fx 2006 is an intermediary company serving the global foreign exchange, commodity and CFD markets in 19 different markets, with the beginning of the calendar year and originating in London. It has a paid-in capital of £12,000,000. Lord Fx Limited is periodically audited by leading audit authorities that are accepted by international standards.

Lord Fx Limited serves its investors according to corporate governance principles with its quality service understanding, strong financial structure and specialized staff in the field of activity. One of the leading companies in the industry Lord Fx Limited accepts investors from 19 countries. And also we are contributing to the valuable charity organizations and always want to be part of such significant projects to encounter to the society .

This year, Lord Fx have worked with Just a Drop to support the children at Saayi School, Uganda. With their support, Just a Drop are currently building latrines to support 336 children.

At the moment, the current facilities are so bad that the children are forced to defecate in nearby bushes which leads to common diseases like diarrhoea and dysentery among the school children. Due to this, many of the children are forced to miss school because of illness.

Thanks to Lord Fx and their support:

  • Children will be healthier
  • Education time lost to illness will decrease
  • Hygiene will improve hugely in the school
  • Girls in particular will benefit, as they will be able to attend school throughout the year and not drop out, they will be empowered