Staff at Feefo have been really busy supporting Just a Drop - recent events have included the Feefo Cycle Challenge, Three Peaks, Feefo Walks and Race to the King - and we're very grateful for all these efforts.

All their hard work came together to support the Kyambenzi Self Help Group to construct at sand dam in their community. Kenya is a chronically water-scarce country, with large parts of the land classified as arid or semi-arid, and prone to severe drought. This leads to food scarcity and poverty.

Sand dams are a great way to harness the rains that Kenya experiences twice a year. A dam is built across a river, and during the rainy season water flows, bringing with it sand which collects behind the dam. Water is then stored in the sand which acts as a natural filtration. The water can then be extracted through a well and handpump at the side of the river.

The average distance to collect water is now 1-2 kilometres, compared to the 5 kilometres that the community previously faced, spending less than 30 minutes to collect water. This not only provides security of water during the dry season but also gives opportunities for the community to spend time on income generating activities. 

Alongside the water insecurity this community faced, they also faced food insecurity which has many negative effects. The health of the community was suffering from water-related illnesses due to dirty water and a lack of food increases the prevalence of malnutrition. During this project we trained the community in: how to grow drought resistant crops; use crops sustainably and maintaining a seed bank; governance training when selling excess crops; and terracing to prevent water loss and soil erosion - providing the knowledge, tools and seeds to get them started.

I could never imagine in my wildest dreams that one day I would pick green vegetables just outside door step. For several years, the only option was 10 kilometre walk to the market for vegetables. Getting vegetables was the second most challenging task I had to endure, after tedious journey in search of water. Getting water nearby was the main thing we wanted which has enabled me to grow vegetables within my homestead - Ndunge