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The Challenge

The #KeepyUppy Challenge, sometimes referred to as ‘Keep Up’ or ‘Kick Up’ Challenge, is the act of keeping a ball off the ground by juggling it using your feet, lower legs, knees, chest, shoulders, and head, without allowing the ball to hit the ground.

For every touch of the ball you make, you score a point.

The Challenge is to score the highest points total as you can from each attempt in 60 seconds. If the ball hits the ground your score resets and you must start over. You do not add points together. Each attempt serves as one go.

The Cause

By taking part in the #KeepyUppy Challenge you are promoting awareness of the ways football can be used to tackle major social issues and encouraging donations to support the work of the Street Soccer Foundation and Just A Drop.

Formed in 2015, The Street Soccer Foundation is a sport-for-change charity which uses football as a catalyst to improve the lives of vulnerable and homeless young people across the country. Its nationally acclaimed flagship programme, the Street Soccer Academy, is the no.1 football-led project tackling youth homelessness in England. Click here to learn more about our work.

Just a Drop is an international development organisation born out of World Travel Market. We work to help the travel industry give back by bringing sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities around the world; transforming lives. Since 1998, we have supported over 1.9 million people! Click here to learn more about out work.

The Rules

All entrants are encouraged to film themselves and upload their effort to their social media channels, and to then identify, nominate and tag a minimum of three others to do the same – calling them out by "tagging" them.

After being nominated participants have to record a video of themselves in continuous footage. First, they are to announce their acceptance of the Challenge, followed by starting to juggle a ball. Once the participant has called out their total and best score within 1 minute, the participant can then nominate a minimum of three other people to participate in the Challenge.

All participants are expected to donate £5 per entry – or donate £10 if they did not attempt the Challenge after being nominated!

How to enter


For every entry made, we ask for a donation of £5.


Closing date for entries is 31st July 2023 and winners will be contacted by the 7th August 2023.

The Top Scorer:

The person who records the highest score evidenced by their video entry will win Four Hospitality tickets to a Premier League game of their nominated club during 2023/24 season.

Good luck and thanks for your support!

Please email Ruth Mileham, [email protected] if you have any questions.

Learn more about The Travel United Cup coming up on Friday 7th July at St. George's Park here!

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