In need of a haircut? Why not brave the clippers in Just a Drop's 'Just a Haircut' Challenge?

Your DIY trim will ensure that Just a Drop is able to reach vulnerable communities across the world and prepare them with the defences that they need to arm themselves against Coronavirus.

Where will the money I raise go to?

We’ve been championing the practice of proper handwashing with soap since we started in 1998 through providing hygiene training and access to safe water and soap, preventing the spread of diseases and protecting communities. 

Handwashing with soap is the first line of defence against the spread Covid-19 so our work is ramping up to ensure that we can reach more communities and support them in the battle against coronavirus. 

We are continuing with our vital work in Africa, Asia and Latin America to provide remote communities with safe water, sanitation and training in handwashing and soap-making to help both reduce the spread of the virus, and to try and mitigate against the severity of it if caught, by keeping communities as healthy as possible.   

If people already have long walks to fetch water for cooking, drinking and cleaning, they are unlikely to have enough water for regular handwashing as well, so a reliable source of water, close to people’s homes is more essential than ever. 

How can you help?

Take on your #LockdownLocks in just a few simple steps:

1. Cut/Clipper your hair and film yourself doing so!

2. Donate the cost of your haircut to Just a Drop through our JustGiving Page

3. Share your videos/photos on your social media channels and tag @Just_a_Drop  on Twitter or @JustaDrop on Facebook and nominate three friends to do the same!

Don't forget to share your videos with Just a Drop by emailing: [email protected]

Thank you so much for your support.

Coronavirus: Supporting Vulnerable Communities Through the Pandemic Find out more

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