As shops begin to reopen and life starts to return to normal across the UK, we need to remember that the coronavirus crisis continues to affect and devastate communities across the world, and it unfairly affects those most vulnerable in society, including those without access to proper handwashing facilities. 

In India a devastating second wave of coronavirus is hitting the country, leaving millions of people at risk and millions of lives at stake. In fact, a person dies every 5 minutes from coronavirus in India.

In a country where 60% of the population were already living below the poverty line and medical access is limited, we want to support rural communities to ensure that they can protect themselves from the virus.  

This is why we need your help. 

With your support we can ensure that rural communities that are often overlooked and marginalised in India can access safe water and handwashing facilities.

By working with communities to enable them to access water we can ensure that they have enough water to drink and also to wash their hands. This is so important as handwashing with soap is the first line of defence against covid-19. 

Please help us to protect more communities in India today. 

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What will my donation fund?

The pandemic has put into perspective how important safe water and handwashing facilities are for protecting communities against viruses like coronavirus.

When women and children are forced to walk to collect water, they often have to queue up in a crowd of people to collect this water; this means the spread of the virus is more likely and the community are unable to social distance and shield themselves. 

In addition to this, when communities have had to walk a distance to collect water, they want to use this water to cook for their families and drink with, rather than to pour it away washing their hands.

By donating today you can help us to provide easy access to sustainable, safe water and handwashing facilities to the communities in India that need it the most. With your support, we can protect more communities from the pandemic now and long into the future.

Now, more than ever, communities in India need your help. 
What type of work does Just a Drop do in India?

India is a nation of over 1.3 billion people, and is the second largest country in the world in terms of population size. Growing numbers live without access to safe water and in particular, adequate sanitation, which has a huge impact on health; India is home to a third of the world's malnourished and underweight children. Open defecation is widely practised due to inadequate sanitation, and 80% of India's surface water is now contaminated and not fit for consumption. 

About 750 million people live in rural areas and rely on a subsistence economy, with many living well below the Indian poverty line.  In these rural areas, where Just a Drop works, communities mostly belong to “scheduled” castes and tribes, in separate hamlets on the periphery of main villages. Rural water and sanitation coverage is provided primarily to main habitations while outlying hamlets are either not covered or poorly covered. 

We work with rural villages in the regions of Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

In Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu we support rural villages with water supply and distribution schemes. The projects usually involve the construction of a drilled well and piped water system, which brings water to individual houses, the local school and the Anganwadi (a rural mother and child centre providing basic healthcare). Existing pumps in the village are also refurbished, to provide water for animals. Water User Committees are trained to maintain the solutions. Primary school sanitation blocks are often also refurbished or constructed as part of the scheme, and provided with a water tank

As part of our projects in Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, we provide individual latrines, water tanks, drinking water pots with a tap, soak-pits and compost pits for 6 families, together with family hygiene education. These 6 'model families' then act as benchmarks for the rest of the community, and support them to obtain government funding for their own household latrines. 

Help us to ensure that even more rural communities in India can access safe water and help to protect themselves from the virus. 

Last year we worked in Shahpura Community to bring safe running water into the homes of 191 community members. Find out more about the project here: 

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