You can transform lives. Give children the life changing gift of clean water this November

Clean water is life changing. With it, children are healthier, happier, spend more time in school and receive a better education. They can look forward to brighter futures. 

Through our Clean Water for Uganda campaign, we want to give more children the life transforming gift of clean water, by bringing water filters to 1,279 Ugandan schoolchildren.

We can only do this with your support.

Whether you can donate £5, £10, or the cost or a water filter at £66, every single donation counts.

Each donation will be match funded by one of our corporate partners, meaning your donation will have double the impact.

Let Stella Margaret and Charles explain how water filters have changed their lives... 

Stella Margaret's Story

Stella Margaret is from Atekwa village in Uganda. Before Stella's family had a water filter, their only option was to drink dirty water which would often make them sick. Now that Stella Margaret's family have a water filter, they are much healthier and life is much better:

I used to simply run water through a cloth before drinking it, but this didn’t purify the water so my family came down with typhoid regularly. I was forced to spend precious resources on medicine. Now we have the water filter my family's health is improved and we are living happier, healthier lives and saving money

Charles' Story

Charles is from the same village in Uganda as Stella Margaret. Charles' big family including their new baby now drink clean water thanks to their water filter. The family is healthier and their lives have been transformed:

Since using the water filter my family are healthier and no longer come down with typhoid. The filter not only makes the water clean but also gets rid of the bad smell and taste the water used to have. I wish everyone in my community could have one” 

The Benefits of Water Filters