Just a Drop partnered with Baltimore Aircoil Company on World Water Day, 22 March 2018, to bring safe water and sanitation to communities worldwide. Since then, our partnership has reached thousands of people.

In the 2022, BAC will support a further two projects, in Cambodia and Zambia, reaching a further 1,691 people with access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

Lieb Village, Cambodia

Families in the village of Lieb, Cambodia, face many challenges, which includes access to safe water and latrines, which this project will address.

With the support of BAC, Just a Drop will change the lives the 671 residents of the village by implementing a comprehensive programme of work across the village. Biosand Filters provide a simple but effective means of providing safe water at household level. They produce many litres of safe water per day, removing impurities from dirty water and providing enough water for each family for drinking and cooking. We'll also construct latrines, with a pour flush, soak pit and 2-chamber watertight septic tank and comprehensive hygiene education for all the villagers – the whole community will benefit.

To find out more about the village of Lieb, click here

Nantale and Tara Primary Schools, Zambia

With the support of BAC, Just a Drop will be working in Tara Primary School which has 480 pupils, and Nantale Primary School, which has 540 pupils. At both Tara and Nantale, there is one common issue – the situation around sanitation. The latrines at the schools are simply not fit for purpose, in fact they have been identified as major health hazards.

In each school, we'll construct girls and boys latrines, with hand washing facilities and a separate changing room for girls and provide a Menstrual Hygiene Management workshop with pad provision for girls, in the upper two years.

To find out more about the schools, click here

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