Just a Drop partnered with Baltimore Aircoil Company on World Water Day, 22 March 2018, to bring safe water and sanitation to communities worldwide. Since then, our partnership has reached thousands of people.

In the 2022, BAC will support a further two projects, in Cambodia and Zambia, reaching a further 1,691 people with access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

Tempisque and La Jícara Villages, Nicaragua

As of March 2023, BAC will be supporting two communities in Nicaragua. Tempisque is a village of 151 people and La Jícara of 101. With BAC and Just a Drop's help, all the inhabitants of both villages will receive access to safe water, which they currently lack.

At present, the people of Tempisque rely on a single tap 500 metres from the village which they are forced to make multiple trips a day to. The water is unsafe and unclean, which leads to a lot of illness in the community, particularly among the children. La Jícara relies on a single uncovered source for water, which is also unclean and unsafe, and children going to school must carry containers with them to last the day. As in Tempisque, the reliance on contaminated drinking water results in a lot of illness in the community.

In La Jícara, we'll provide safe water to each individual household from a nearby spring which tests have shown is a clean water supply. The clean water is distributed to a 5,000 litre tank and from there to a tap at each home. In both communities, residents are charged a small fee for using water, which will then be used to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the water supply systems.

In Tempisque, we'll use an underground spring which has been shown to provide safe water to fill two 5,000 litre distribution tanks via a pipeline and then a further piped system will take the water through a
gravity feed to eight public tap stands, each close to people’s homes. The community will be taught how to repair and maintain the system and to ensure that it is providing safe water.

In both communities, our work will result in a decrease in illness and poor health, children's ability to attend and perform better at school will improve, and both communities will for the first time have access to safe water from a sustainable and constant source. 

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