The Advantage Travel Partnership is the UK's largest independent travel agent group. Just a Drop has been fortunate enough to benefit from auctions at the annual conference and donations from their Awards.

A team from the Advantage Travel Partnership completed a gruelling Tough Mudder challenge, raising £4,200 for Just a Drop as a result. This was nearly double their original target of £2,500. The group of 10  tackled the 12-mile obstacle course, which was designed by the Special Forces to test participants strength, stamina and determination.

Tough Mudder was definitely the toughest physical challenge I have ever taken part in and when we crossed the finish line we all felt euphoric.

I am so proud of our team who just kept going on the day. As well as pushing ourselves to the limit physically, we also excelled with our fundraising efforts - so far we have collected more than £4,200 in sponsorship and our original target was £2,500.

To all of our industry friends who have sponsored us, thank you so much. Every single donation, no matter how big or small, really does make a difference. And thank you to those of you who sent messages of encouragement over the weekend - it meant a great deal to us.

- Julia Lo Bue-Said, Managing Director 

This money raised was used to support Kiteta Secondary School in Kenya. Previously, Kiteta Secondary School had a very difficult situation with water supply as the rainwater harvesting tanks they had at the school were not enough and the borehole closest to the school was very salty, which led to high transfer rates of students. The school has to resort to buying fresh water which was very costly and not a sustainable solution.

In order to improve the water situation for the 550 pupils, 27 teachers and 15 extra staff members, a big rainwater harvesting tank was constructed at the school.