Join our Mums Army campaign this summer!

Support women in developing countries to gain access to clean water, and help us to spread the word about the challenges women face.

663 million people globally do not have access to clean water. That's 1 in 10 people. In many developing countries, the primary responsibility of collecting water falls to women and children, who spend on average 6 hours a day walking to collect water. These journeys are arduous and dangerous, with women and children at risk of abduction, rape and animal attack.

Help to support these women and their families with access to clean, safe water and sanitation, and join thousands of other women and mums around the UK who have been taking part in a range of fundraising activities: from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and sky-driving to holding coffee mornings and sponsored 'walks for water'. 

With access to clean water, women and their children no longer face long and dangerous journeys. They benefit from improved health, children can spend more time in school, and women have more time in which to care for their families or work to earn an income. Their lives are transformed and they can begin to lift themselves of of poverty. 

Join together with family and friends, or set yourself your own challenge, whether a coffee morning, a group sponsored walk, a sponsored cycle... there are many ways you can help support these women and their families:

For more information on how you can involved, or to tell us about your fundraising plans (we’d love to hear!), get iin touch with our Mums Army Project Manager, Bella: [email protected]