In 1998, Just a Drop partnered with the British Red Cross in North Gondar, Ethiopia to deliver our first projects, installing wells and running community health programmes.

Fiona says, “My first visit to Gondar provided me with a sense of wonder from the lush, green landscape to the warm and friendly welcome I received. Nevertheless, the un-necessary loss of life – from entirely treatable diseases such as dysentery, diarrhoea and cholera – left me determined to do something and it is this that has kept me going over the years.”

FionaIn 1999, Just a Drop went on to help the British Red Cross with their efforts to provide relief to Turkey after two substantial earthquakes almost destroyed vast areas of Izmit and Bolu province. Later that year we also assisted with another disaster relief effort in Central America after Hurricane Mitch swept through the region.

From these humble beginnings, our work has grown to include 31 nations. We have delivered over 130 water aid projects, servicing an estimated 1.5 million children and their families in the poorest – and in some cases – most remote communities around the world.

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