Dobrovat House

Dobrovat House projectDobrovat has a population of 2,624 people. 90% of these inhabitants work in agriculture.

The poverty in the area is mainly due to geographical isolation, the poor access of its roadways and the lack of any future prospects for young people.

There is almost no technical or urbanistic infrastructure – no water supply, sewerage system, gas pipelines or central heating system; the village has only lighting mains.

Dobrovat House has been built to enable the families and young children living in extreme poverty – with no access to heating, lighting, sanitation or running water – to have access to education, counselling, educational activities, clean drinking water, sanitation and a camp throughout the summer months.

Children are taken to the centre on a daily basis so that they can enjoy the countryside,Dobrovat House project playing, learning and just being allowed an escape from their everyday poverty.

To enable the project to fully operate, water was needed so that the bathrooms and kitchens were serviceable and the children had access to drinking water when at the house. With the funds provided by Atlas Copco Just a Drop worked with People Against Poverty to have pipes laid, all sewerage completed and a full cesspit installed.

With the provision of a clean and safe water source and suitable sanitation children can stay at the house four – five days throughout the summer.

The opening of Dobrovat House was launched to coincide with the start of the children’s annual camp, and already, a group of 150 children are using the facilities.

Atlas Copco logoProject Sponsor: Atlas Copco

Date of Project: May 2012 

Beneficiaries: 1,838 per year